Ian martin is a certified raw vegan/living foods chef. Having the unique privilege to study and work with two giants in Gourmet Living Food, Juliano’s Planet Raw, and Matthew Kenny’s M.A.K.E. Ian draws from both culinary styles to create his own flavor profiles, which are always nutritious, healthy and delicious. When Ian isn’t creating amazing chesses for M.A.K.E. (located in Santa Monica) he is preparing living foods for clients. Specializing in living gourmet, transitional raw/vegan, and 80/10/10 cuisine. Ian focuses on making dishes full of flavor, satiating, satisfying and healthy. Whenever possible, always using organic local produce.

“While most people would really like to incorporate more living foods in their diet, many just don’t know where to begin. Others crave for the familiar foods that they’ve grown accustom to. Although fruits and veggies work in the beginning, the over night switch is very challenging. I believe that it becomes much easier when you transition both slowly AND consistently. You start to feel better, and as a result you start to desire food that makes you feel this way.”

Although “raw food’ is a label that people can quickly identify, its a misnomer.” Many people have an aversion to the word as it implies that something’s “not quite ready” “unfinished” or unfit for consumption when it’s furthest from the truth! Living foods are energy giving (not energy draining) enzyme giving (not enzyme draining) perfectly nutritionally balanced for us! Being a raw vegan, I believe that is this the optimal diet for humans; that we feel the best, look the best, are at our peak physical state, the healthiest, and have the greatest chance of preventing many, many diseases that plague us today. It isn’t a cult or a “cure all” to life’s ills, nor will all of life’s problems go away. But it will give you both a sense of clarity and wellness that is measurable. You intuitively know that you are doing wonders for your body, mind, spirit, your community, and your planet. Try living foods for 30 days and watch amazing changes happen in your life.

We are all individuals; one size does not fit all. Not everyone desires to become a raw vegan, nor does everyone have to - that isn’t my mission. I just want to educate and help people make positive lasting changes in their lives. Sickness, ailments and weight gain aren’t necessarily synonymous with aging- if we make different choices. My hope is that we all live happier, longer, and healthier. Love the skin we are in and the bodies that house us, and that we live with joy, love, and unending gratitude.”